Brain Centre @ FeM


Services offered:

  • Intracranial tumors, gliomas, excision and/or gamma knife radiosurgery

  • Management of traumatic head injury, traumatic extradural/subdural evacuation

  • Skull base tumor excision

  • Endoscopic pituitary tumor excision

  • Excision of meningioma

  • Endoscopic excision of osteoid osteoma (unique new procedure)

  • Cranioplasties

  • Aneurysm clipping

  • Excision of arteriovenous malformation

  • EC-IC Bypass surgery

  • Hydrocephalus management – shunts of all types, low, medium, high, programmable

  • Moyamoya disease management

  • Peripheral nerve entrapment- carpal tunnel decompression, ulnar nerve decompression

  • Hemorrhagic stroke management and evacuation

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