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Urology Centre @ FEM


A world-class urology centre offering a suite of cutting-edge, evidence-based services, providing every patient with an individualized treatment experience.

Prostate Enlargement (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia)

Evaluation and medical treatment of urinary symptoms related to prostate enlargement

Surgery for prostate enlargement, individualized to every patient:

  • Transurethral resection of prostate, or

  • Transurethral enucleoresection of prostate, or

  • Greenlight laser vaporisation of prostate

  • Prolieve microwave thermodilatation


Prostate Cancer

Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer

MRI-aided diagnosis and MRI fusion prostate biopsy techniques

Screening, genetic counseling and testing for prostate cancer

Treatment of advanced or recurrent prostate cancer with 1st and 2nd line hormonal treatment before chemotherapy

Point of referral for multi-disciplinary team to treat advanced or hormone-refractory prostate cancer using chemotherapy, radiotherapy, PSMA-tagged nuclear medicine

Urinary Stones

Metabolic evaluation, dietary modification and medical prevention for urinary stones

Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy: using shockwaves to break up stones

Ureteroscopic laser lithotripsy: endoscopic laser treatment for urinary stones

Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy(PCNL): using punctures as small as 5mm to remove large stones in the kidney

Endoscopic combined intrarenal surgery: combination of ureteroscopy(from below) and PCNL techniques(from above) to remove complex kidney stones

Laparoscopic ureterolithotomy: minimally invasive technique to remove stones larger than 2cm in a single stage

Kidney Cancer

Partial nephrectomy: surgery to remove kidney cancer without removing the entire kidney, individualized to every patient:

  • Robotic surgery using the da Vinci robotic system, or

  • Laparoscopic surgery, or

  • Open surgery

Adjunct techniques to preserve kidney function using selective vessel clamping, no-clamp technique or fluorescent imaging

Ablation of kidney cancer: use of radiofrequency or cryotherapy to destroy the kidney cancer without surgery

Laparoscopic or open nephrectomy

Nephroureterectomy: surgery to remove kidney and ureter for urothelial cancer

  • Robotic surgery using the da Vinci robotic system, or

  • Laparoscopic surgery, or

  • Open surgery

Holmium laser ablation: kidney-sparing treatment for urothelial cancer in the kidney or ureter

Bladder Cancer

Transurethral resection of bladder tumour-endoscopic surgery

Robot-assisted radical cystectomy-minimally invasive technique for removal of bladder

Open radical cystectomy-traditional open surgery to remove the bladder for advanced bladder cancer

Kidney Cysts

Evaluation and imaging of kidney cysts

Aspiration of kidney cysts

Laparoscopic single-incision kidney cyst removal

Kidney obstruction due to ureter narrowing

Robot-assisted or laparoscopic pyeloplasty: surgery to relieve obstruction in the upper ureter

Endopyelotomy: endoscopic technique to relieve obstruction in the upper ureter

Robot-assisted Boari flap/ureter reimplantation: surgery to relieve obstruction in the lower ureter

Ureteroscopic laser ureterotomy: endoscopic laser treatment for ureteric stricture

Prostate Infection and Prostatitis

Evaluation and treatment of chronic pelvic pain or blood-stained semen

Bladder conditions causing urinary problems in women and men

Evaluation and medical treatment for overactive bladder

Intraderrusor injection to treat overactive bladder

Sling surgery for urinary incontinence

Urodynamic evaluation for all forms of bladder abnormalities

Men’s Health

Evaluation and treatment of erection problems (erectile dysfunction) with medical or surgical techniques

Treatment of male ageing(andropause) or testosterone deficiency

Evaluation and treatment of male infertility or problems with conception

Surgery for penile curvature

Vasectomy for family planning


Testis cancer

Evaluation of lumps in testis to exclude testis cancer in young men

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