Meet Our Doctors

Dr Tan Hui

General Practicioner / Family Physician

Dr Fuan is the Family Physician at Fem Surgery. She integrates preventive measures, lifestyle modifications, and mental health support into her care plans.

Dr Felicia
Tan Li Sher

Director, Consultant General Surgeon

Dr Felicia Tan is the Director of FeM Surgery – one of the leading surgical group practices in Singapore.

Dr Jesse

Consultant General Surgeon, Breast, Thyroid & Endocrine Surgery

Dr Jesse is a senior consultant breast and endocrine surgeon, specializing in managing both benign and malignant breast and thyroid conditions.

Dr Jonathan
Foo Shuo Min

Consultant General Surgeon

Dr Foo has expertise in managing various colorectal conditions, particularly with cancer and benign diseases of the colon and rectum.

Dr Matthew
Yeo Sze Wei

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Dr Matthew Yeo is an internationally-qualified plastic surgeon and is known for delivering exquisite and bespoke outcomes.

Dr Ng
Zhi Xu

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr Ng is a fully registered specialist in Neurosurgery, with sub-specialty interests in neurotrauma, neuro-oncology, and spine surgery.

Dr Png
Keng Siang

Consultant Urologist & Robotic Surgeon

Dr Png is a United States fellowship trained urologist who received his urology specialist board certification from Singapore.

Dr Roy
Koh Kiok Miang

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr Koh is a UK fellowship-trained Neurosurgeon. He has expertise to manage a wide variety of neurosurgical and spinal problems.

Dr Tan

Director, Consultant General Surgeon

Dr Tan is one of the founders of FeM Surgery. He also leads Gallstone Liver Centre, and Cancer Surgery & Peritonectomy Centre @ FeM.